How Would a Hard Brexit Affect Bicester House Prices?

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I have been asked a number of times recently what a hard Brexit would mean to the Bicester property market. To be frank, I have been holding off giving my thoughts, as I did not want to add fuel to the stories being banded around in the national press. However, it’s obviously a topic that you as Bicester buy to let landlords and Bicester homeowners are interested in … so I am going to try and give you what I consider a fair and unbiased piece on what would happen if a hard Brexit takes place in March 2019. Read More

7 Reasons Why Bicester Buy To Let Landlords Shouldn’t Be Criticised

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There is no escaping the fact that over the last couple of decades, the rise in the number buy to let properties in Bicester has been nothing short of extraordinary.  Many in the press have spoken of a broken nation, the fact many youngsters are unable to buy their first home with the rise of a new cohort of younger renters, whom have been dubbed ‘Generation Rent’ as landlords hoover up all the properties for their buy to let property empires.

Government has been blamed in the past for giving landlords an unfair advantage with the tax system. It is also true many of my fellow professionals have done nothing to avail themselves in glory, with some suspect, if not on some rare occasions, downright dubious practices.

Yet has the unfair criticism of some Bicester landlords gone too far? Read More

315 Bicester Landlords Plan to Expand Their Buy To Let Portfolios

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A noteworthy number of buy to let landlords in Britain plan to buy more properties over the next year despite the recent changes in the private rented sector. According to Aldermore, the specialist Buy To Let lender, their research shows around 41% of portfolio buy to let landlord’s objective is to grow their buy to let portfolio (i.e. Portfolio landlords are landlords that own more than one property).

So, I thought, “Are Bicester landlords feeling the same?” If so, if these numbers were applied to the Bicester private rental market, what sort effect would it have on the Bicester property market as whole? Read More

The average Bicester rent is £1,079 pcm

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The rents paid by Bicester tenants are now standing at £1,079 per calendar month (pcm), a rise of 0.45% year on year and 0.55% higher month on month.

However, this attention-grabbing monthly rent figure masks stark differences in the various different parts of the Bicester rental market.  Demand in Bicester for high quality family homes with two or three bedrooms in good catchment areas for schools remains really robust.  Other influencing factors that make certain areas popular are the proximity to transport links. However, I have noticed a drop in demand and rents achieved for property where the landlord hasn’t kept the property in good order in terms of decoration, carpets, windows and heating systems

So, what does all this mean for Bicester landlords and tenants? Read More