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March 2018

Bicester Council Tax Payers Stung by 81.42% above Inflation Rise

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Buying and selling a home in Bicester isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing you will ever do. Estate agent fees, solicitor’s fees, survey fees, mortgage fees, removal costs, the costs quickly mount up. Last week, a local landlord asked me whether the council tax band made a difference to a property’s appeal, whether it be to sell or rent and also raised an interesting question about whether an extension or home improvements made a difference to the amount of council tax you pay?

When buying or renting you should always be clear on what the council tax band will be for your new property. But what exactly are council tax bands, and how do they affect landlords/tenants/homeowners?

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An extension could add £75,250 to the value of your Bicester home

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As our families grow bigger the need for more space, be that bedrooms or reception rooms, has grown with it. Also, as our older generation lives longer and nursing home bills continue to rise quicker than a rocket on the 5th of November  (the average nursing home bill in the area being £954.58 per week) many families are bringing two households into one larger one.

So, should you move somewhere larger, or extend your Bicester property to make it large enough for you and your family? Read More

Bicester’s 15.5% ‘New Build Premium’

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According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), more than 26,142 new homes were registered to be built in the South East last year, on par with 2016 levels of 26,147 dwellings. Great news when you consider it is one of the highest number of new builds in the region since the pre-recession levels of the Credit Crunch and the uncertainty of Brexit and the General Election.

So, when a landlord recently asked me why the brand-new property she was considering buying was a lot more expensive compared to a second-hand/existing property of similar type, accommodation, location and structure I thought this would make a fascinating topic to do some homework on…..homework I want to share with the homeowners and landlords of Bicester. Read More